Workbooks & Templates

Each Hubert Project learning material has a separate and distinct development process, which is outlined in its corresponding Building Hubert Project Workbook. Yet each process is not without flexibility. The path each author designs in order to complete the development of a Hubert Project learning material will be different and unique. Click on each title below to download the resource.


Video Brief Development Resources

E-Case and E-Study Development Resources

  • E-Case or E-Study Blueprints
    This PowerPoint slide deck provides recreations of each of the templates in Pachyderm that we use for this project. You can copy, modify and reorder these slides to visualize how you would like your case to look in the authoring software. This will save you time and rounds of edits once you or your teammates are working in the software.

Please contact us at if you have troubles accessing any of these files. Don’t forget to visit the Hubert Workbooks for further instructions on how to use these resources.