How can the HUBERT PROJECT help you?

Public Affairs

Incorporate high-quality multimedia learning materials to bring life to your classroom. Be supported in creating materials. Join a global learning network around technology-enhanced learning.

Nonprofit & Public
Sector Leaders

Whether you are a student or professional in the field, you can explore new tools and the real-life stories of others facing similar challenges.
  • U.S. Federal Budget Process
    One of the most fundamental actions taken by our elected officials each year is to enact a budget for the United States that outlines policy priorities and details the fiscal... Learn more
  • Writing Policy Issue Briefs
    This video brief is an introduction to writing a policy issue brief. The video gathers perspectives from students, policy professionals and faculty on the use of issue briefs... Learn more
  • Engaging All Voices
    Authored by Alliance for Strong Families and Communities, this e-study outlines effective practices for embedding engagement into human services practice and organizational st... Learn more
The Hubert Project Collection contains three distinct product lines: Video Briefs, e-Studies, and e-Cases. Each of these learning materials serves a different purpose and is to be deployed in a variety of ways. Learn more
Instructors and trainers from across the globe are invited to build learning materials to support their curriculum and scholarly research and share them with the field. Learn more