The Hubert Project provides Public Affairs educators the opportunity to create and share multimedia learning materials, including short videos, cases, and simulations. Intended audiences include faculty and instructors teaching public policy, public administration, and nonprofit management, as well as nonprofit, government, and philanthropic consultants, and other leadership development trainers.
As an open source project, Hubert Project seeks to provide academic and practitioner participants access to high quality and easily utilized learning materials about a wide array of content related to public affairs. All multimedia Hubert videos and cases include supplementary discussion guides, teaching notes, and suggested uses for deployment. Formats are user-friendly and learner centered. Read More.
Featured Products
  • Video Brief

    Spatial Thinking: US Local Government System

    This video brief provides an introduction to the application of spatial analysis to public affairs issues. This video presents it specifically as a tool to help untangle the...Learn more
  • E-Case

    Mid-Ohio Foodbank: Building Capacity in Service Provider Networks

    This e-case uses the issue of emergency food provision to assess how network coordinators can increase service delivery and achieve ambitions goals. Based on a 2-year capacit...Learn more
  • E-Study

    Understanding Community Engagement: The Case of the Detroit Works Project

    All photos and diagrams in this eStudy are credited to the Detroit Collaborative Design Center at the University of Detroit Mercy, School of Architecture. All maps are credite...Learn more